What We Do

Snack performs at kids programs, churches, community events and more, with performances ranging from five minutes to an hour as requested. Fill out our expression of interest form if you'd like to discuss how we can serve your community.

We usually perform as a five to seven piece band, but can also do smaller gigs. We charge a fee of approximately $600 (for the Full Banquet) to enable our ministry, but we have various discounts, extra charges and offsets to be negotiated around your budget, the size and length of what we contribute, travel costs, etc.

Light Snack Regular Meal Full Banquet Smörgåsbord
Light Snack
  • Vocalists with backing tracks OR vocalist with guitar / keyboard
  • One game or story
  • 30 minute performance (1x30 or 2x15)
  • 1 CD giveaway
  • Regular Meal
  • Live music
  • Regular band (4-6)
  • One game or story
  • 30-40 minute performance (1x30 or 2x15)
  • 2 CD giveaways
  • Full Banquet
  • Live music
  • Large band (6+)
  • Game and story
  • 60 minute performance (can be divided into two sets)
  • 3 CD giveaways
  • Smörgåsbord
  • Live music
  • Two 30-40 minute performances
  • Regular band (3-5)
  • Game and/or story at each event
  • 3-5 CD giveaways

  • Here's a preview of what a Snack gig can look like: