Purpose and Values


Snack Music desires to help children discover who God is, know God’s love for them and experience life with God.

We do this by creating and distributing contemporary and relevant music and resources, by training those who work/volunteer in children’s ministry and by performing live to children and their families.

Snack is a volunteer based non-profit organisation with all proceeds going to local and international mission.

Core Values

  • Sharing resources for others to use
    • To empower, equip and train others for the sake of raising the quality of ministry with children globally
  • Missional Intentionality in sharing God’s love
    • Focusing on engaging those who are not part of the Church
    • Being accessible in ‘secular’ contexts
    • Supporting the ministry of the local church, valuing their relationships into the community
  • Simplicity of the resources we create
    • So that anyone can use them
    • So that songs (and the whole experience) are memorable
    • So that we are accessible in places with slimmer resourcing and lower budgets
  • Maintaining Theological Integrity and accuracy
    • Being genuine in our own spirituality
    • It’s only through Jesus’ grace that we are saved
    • Our primary identity is created, known and loved by God
  • Being Creative and adaptive
    • Continuing to develop integrity to our main call and our bigger purpose
    • Innovating and looking for new models of mission and ministry
  • Being Fun and Joyful
    • Making engaging with God fun for children
    • Generating excitement and championing others working in children’s ministry
    • Being professional but also personable
  • Viewing all Children as valuable and loved by God

Our Commitment to Safety

Snack Music is committed to the safety and holistic well-being of all children, young people, the vulnerable, those with disabilities, people of all ethnic backgrounds and cultures. We see all people as made in God’s image, and therefore deserving of our best efforts to keep them safe, encouraged, welcomed and cared for. We want to reflect God’s loving nature by ensuring the safety and holistic well-being of everyone.

Everyone on the Snack team have a current Working With Children Check and are aware of our policies and procedures in regards to the safety of children. For more details of these policies or to discuss any concerns with regards to child safety, email info@snackmusic.com.au