Our Friends

Snack have lots of friends from over the years! If you bump into any of these people, say hello for us!


Snack have also supported Peninsula SUFM in McCrae and Rosebud, UNICEF's Pakistan Flood Children's Appeal, the UNOH Burma Cyclone Appeal, SU Namibia, Logosdor, Walk For The Kids and Children in Outback Australia


Snack says thank you to our families: Sarah, Ava, Grace and Reuben Taylor, Rebecca, Ella, Summer and Lucas Roberts, Sharon and Blake Breeland-Clencie, Zoe Petty, Lauren, Tori and Quinn Croxford.

Snack says thank you to our supporters: Craig, Eliza, Jesse, Zachariah and Esther Petty, Ruth and Matt Reading, Chelsea and Chris Cameron, Peggy and Ralph Petty.

Snack says thank you to past team members and supporters: Dwayne, Jasine, Israel, Brienna and Reuben Leslie, Dave Coulter, Dave Prentice, Josh Wood, Phil Andrews, Simon Dewar.

Snack says thank you to those who have helped us along the way: Josh Rosens, Carey and Kerryn Lee, Bree Morel, Beth and Chris Barnett, Linda Bailey, Greg Launer, Steve Vertigan, Tina Marchant, Kathy Armour, Jono Croxford Graphic Design, Barry Akers, Kaitlin Jempson, Kylee Ling, Andrew Hicks, Brett Cardwell Cartoons, Murray Singleton, Cam Bailey, Rhonda Coyle, Norm Grimmett, Caleb Anderson, Totally Web Services.

Other Friends and Resources